Lucky Charms Daycare in Rapids City, IL

Licensed  Evening Hours Available
 Tutoring With Certified teacher USDA Approved food program
 State Assistance Accepted

Lucky Charms Daycare is a licensed, full-service childcare center located in Rapids City, IL. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality care that parents can trust. Our staff works to build a strong foundation of education, social skills and morals in each child. We motivate children to grow their abilities and maintain a positive self-image, setting each child up for success later in life however we can. Call Lucky Charms Daycare today to learn more about signing up!


Helping Children Learn and Grow Every Day

Our team at Lucky Charms Daycare works tirelessly to develop the hearts and minds of children in our care. Whether we’re strengthening social skills through athletic activities or exploring academic potential, we strive to create an atmosphere where every child feels safe and secure. You can count on our staff to maintain the safe, healthy environment your child needs. For the flexible, high-quality childcare you deserve, call Lucky Charms Daycare today!

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